The third night into the fourth day.

I was not at all ready for how cold I got on the first night, I can’t believe I didn’t wake up terribly sick! With it being so cold it was hard to sleep at all anyway. But tonight I am prepared, I have multiple quilts now, and a sleeping bag, I think I’m all set! Plus, I have more pillows as well. I grabbed some snacks and discovered that Take 5’s are my new favorite candy, they have pretzels, caramel, peanut butter, and chocolate, mind blowing!

Yesterday was good, I woke up with an ocean view finally, but today the ocean view was even better, so nice in fact that I didn’t bother covering my window looking out over the ocean. The moon was almost full and was bright as hell, which caused the whole ocean to light up and sparkle. Yesterday I also picked up my moms old acoustic guitar and wanted to spend some time playing it at night but I was just to tired. The guitar is the first heirloom type thing my mom has given me, it was hers back in 1971, so it has some history as well. Instead I slept like a baby! With all the new blankets and pillows it was a much better experience than any previous night, so sleep is looking good now.

As for today, it’s guitar and bike rack today! One friend mentioned getting together today, and another wants to hang out after work, so today should be a fun day!