Meeting new people.

Today I woke up with a fresh feeling, my mind is much less cluttered with shit, and the world looks fresh again. The veil of loneliness is lifting from in front of my face and I am opening myself back up to the world! Time to spread my thoughts and ideas through music, writing, and human interactions. When I discuss my outlook on the world and people with others I feel like they tend to hang on my every word.

So far meeting new people to enjoy the company of has not been a problem. Everyone I come across seems to be very enthusiastic about what I am doing and they tend to offer up a lot of support. Yesterday for instance I went to the mineral shop to pick up a gift for a good friend, his birthday was a little while back and I couldn’t afford it at the time. His spirit animal is the mighty polar bear and when I was in the shop a few days back I had seen this marble hand carved polar bear on top of a crystal made of quartz and amethyst, with a small jade fish in its mouth.


I left the shop with my goods after a very long venting session to the very kind shop keeper, who’s name is Wendy, about what I’m going through and what I’ve been writing about here. As I neared my vehicle I realized I had forgotten to get the cards that have the different stones descriptions of what they do for you and all that. So I put the stuff in my car and went back to the shop to grab the cards. When I got back to the shop there was this woman in there who I had seen around the area before, she has a tattoo on her forehead and lives out of an RV. As I approached Wendy to ask about the cards she introduced me to the woman who’s name is Grace. She offered up a lot of good advice on living out of your vehicle, such as always be humble towards the police and just explain that you are going through hard times and are in between places. I’d like to think I’ve always respected officers of the law, I may not agree with all of the laws, but the officers are there for a reason, they aren’t the enemy. Grace also told me to watch who I associate with and not to spend time with unsavory characters, as their karma becomes yours very quickly, this should be easy because I feel like I can read people quite well, better than I’d like to be able to some times. Grace sent me off with a hug and a warm goodbye, and I went back to the coast. For anyone interested the place is in Ocean Beach, California, and is called The Philosophers Stone. Rad name.

I had bought this I had bought this little hand carved amethyst cat for Brandi to give her for her birthday. It’s supposed to bring emotional balance and increase creativity. But after our last few dialogues with one another I think I’m just going to keep it and put it on the dash of the van as a symbol of me exiting one phase of my life and entering another. She has her head so far up Sean’s asshole that she is almost living in a different reality now. There are a lot of things I got out of this relationship, and I hate to say it, but the heartbreak was one of the most important parts. Had that not happened I would not be doing what I am today, being free, making music, finding spirituality, and love myself.


While I was in Ocean Beach I got a new nose ring put back in as I lost mine making out with a girl at an EDM event. It was quite an exciting night, I’ve never just had a random encounter like this before where a girl approached me to dance and make out. Of course we were in altered mind sets there were a lot of things going around that party. We had some pictures taken and danced for hours having a great time. Texted back and forth a few times and then that was the end of Allison. I’ve always heard that’s how it usually goes with a rave hook-up so I had expected it, but it was an enjoyable experience! This was about two weeks ago, so my nose had closed up a bit so the piercer at Apogee in OB had to push through a post to open it back up. The hoop I chose was rather small and the poor guy struggled to get the ball on the captive hoop. His name was Luis, and he apologized over and over for making it hurt, I told him it was ok because I really didn’t mind as that is part of the process! Next thing body art wise will be a tattoo of some portrayal of the number 22 as it has been a significant number in the past few years of my life and has always kinda been my lucky number that I can recall. Any suggestions from anyone who happens thread this are welcome!

I also picked up what is called an “Oracle Deck” today at the mineral shop, it’s like a tarot deck but its more accurate from what I’ve seen already. It first called my attention because this set I particular is based around sacred geometry which I have become increasing fascinated with. Last night my friend Katie and I first tried out the deck and started with me. My reading was insanely accurate, it talked about the changes I am going through, and how I needed to be free and do something different. It talked about me exploring spirituality and what steps to take on that path, as well as the things I need to do in order for me to maintain a healthy emotional balance. Katie also said that her reading was able to play into her life quite well for where she is at. It was quite a good night filled with card readings and conversation by candle light. The flame of a single candle is perfect for the night time in the van, it would be barely noticeable from the outside if at all, and the flame of a candle is quite calming. I also did a reading for my friend tony, and the cards were even reflecting our current conversation which was about me wanting to help him get in touch with his spiritual side again, and wanting to help him find ways to be happy that don’t involve drugs and partying. Each card we drew was saying almost exactly what I said to him. I want to do readings for everyone I know now to see how they come out! Here is a photo of the first reading.


This quest for knowledge, art, spirit, and love is going to be an exciting part of my life, and I’m happy to share it with the world.