A few good days and a lady from Minneapolis.

The last few days have been packed full of good things. First off my good friend Tony has been really working hard to lose weight, and I have been wanting to get in shape in general as well as needing a regular place to shower. So Tony and I got memberships at this place called Planet Fitness and started going there. My focus is my heart and my core while Tony’s goals are endurance and weight loss. This is good because we will keep each other going, as well as having a ton of friends that go there as well, ahem, JOEL. This will allow me to wake up with a shower and a massage every day if I want to which is great, and the showers are private so it’s not like a big steamy room of wet naked men, some people might enjoy that and I can respect that, however I am not one of them.

I got a really cool van warming gift from my friend Valerie who is turning out to be a lot of fun to hang out with. She got me this holographic art piece that contains many symbols of all the crazy shit I’m into, sacred geometry, temples and pyramids, UFOs, and much more! Now I’m just figuring out where to keep it inside the van, I’m thinking the small window next to the side door. Here is a photo of the piece!


Yesterday Valerie and I went hiking around a few areas, one sacred Indian waterfall hidden behind the Kohls in Oceanside which was absolutely beautiful, and hidden, she said she has sunbathed nude there which instantly left me trying to picture that. I couldn’t imagine hiking down there and finding an attractive nude female just laying out, I don’t even know how I’d react to that other than to be turned on and escape before I felt embarrassed. We explored around here for a bit and gathered some wild succulents for her to plant at home, drank a little and just hung out, it was really quite nice. Anyways, after that we went up to the top of Calavera Mountain in Carlsbad which not only offered up a spectacular view, but also had some really interesting rock formations that people had set up, a maze, a heart, lots of initials, and off in the distance someone had even cut “PROM?” into the grass to ask a date in an extremely romantic way, I’m sure most of the other girls boyfriends were pissed at this dude. When we got the the top the sun was about an hour from setting so we had a beer and a bowl and waited, sadly clouds came rolling in and caused it to become quite cold up there, also blocking the sunset, so we made our way back down and had to go through the rock maze since it was still light out. We made our way through the maze and to the center where we arrived feeling dizzy and laughing. We then had to go back up of course! Later on I gave her a reading with the oracle deck to which she responded very well. She told me it was incredibly insightful to where she is at in her life and where she would like to be. She also told me that the fact that my readings with these are so accurate for people means that the cards are in the right hands. I also attribute it to the person receiving the reading being receptive to it as well.




The van has been turning in to quite a home but sleeping in it is uncomfortable for the time being until I can get a mattress topper for the bed. It is a folded down bench seat with quite an uneven lumpy surface, which even covered with blankets, is still leaving my back and neck sore. However the reward of roaming free and waking up wherever I please is very much worth it, and ill be able to get a mattress topper with my check next week. My friend Tyler also wanted me to mention that my turn signal still is not working. My friend Roger seems to think it is the signal relay and is down to help me fix it, but I’ll need to find the part first. It will be fun to learn how to fix the van myself and to pick up a new mechanical skill. I also found my tapestry, which if I hang and block off the cabin will make drinking in the back legal! The beach is going to be fun this summer…

The night I took Katie around and did her card reading I went to get gas and when I got back in and started the car the ignition stuck and just kept turning! So, in an effort to look like I knew what was up I jumped out and lifted the hood as if I had any idea what to do. Meanwhile the ignition is still trying to turn and is extremely loud as well. I stood, staring into the engine and at the wires trying to see how I could pull the power and stop it. Then I had a better idea, just ask the gas station guy! I ran over go him and explained I wasn’t trying to profile him in that just because he worked there I assumed he knew cars but asked for advice, I always have to explain myself. He told me it sounded like the starter and to jump in and jiggle the keys. Really? That’s it? So I run back and jiggle the keys and all is quiet again! Engine just rumbling with all it’s V8 power, sounding nice. There are just a few things to fix, but it will be part of the adventure!

I’ve recently started talking with this girl who has really caught my attention. We connected through Instagram through a common interest in the painter Alphonse Mucha, whom which she got a piece of his tattooed on her arm. She seems to think that I am quite incredible and says a lot of very nice things to me, and in turn I find her quite intriguing and incredibly attractive. She says I fit her ideal mold in a man, and from what I can see about her I would say she’s my ideal mold of a woman. Tall with long dark hair and blue/green eyes, sharp features and an amazing body. She loves what I’m doing with my life and is very interested in what I have to say. I think she is an amazing artist and has shown me some things she has created that are absolutely breathtaking. There is only one problem, she lives in Minneapolis. So we enjoy talking through texts and chats, as well as talking about the things we will do together when she comes to visit in June. We’ve planned out many things to do between the two of us and it is something really exciting to look forward to. Who knows where that will go but if its meant to be anything, then that’s the way it will go. If not, at least is a really entertaining thought!

That’s all I’ve got for now, and I have work tomorrow. Till next time!