Fatty pork, yuck!

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but I wanted some of the summer before I got noticed. A couple of nights ago I was sitting quietly in my van at my favorite spot and had just finished an intensely emotional day trying to get some thoughts through to Brandi. As usual I came off as forceful which isn’t ever my intension going to in to these kinds if conversations. So needless to say I was a little rattled, and ready to drift off to sleep. So I get my blanket ready and as I’m packing a bowl I see a sheriff’s car roll by, flash on it’s spotlight, and shine it on the cars parked along the road while he drove by. I watched as he drove away but was left feeling a bit uneasy after this, when suddenly he flipped around and started coming back. “Here we fucking go..” I mumbled, or maybe just say internally. I put the grinder and weed in the pouch of the back seat as the cop pulled up behind me and turned off his headlights. So many thoughts were racing through my mind of the many different possible outcomes of the events that were about to take place. Before he fully stopped I very slowly and carefully got under my blanket thinking I would hide from him under a pile of blankets so it wouldn’t look like a person sleeping. Under the blanket I waited not knowing what to expect when all of the sudden “FUCK!” I think, “I left the damn pipe out on the bed ok the back.” I slowly reach my hand out to grab the pipe to try to BAM BAM BAM, the sound of the metal flashlight hitting my van, then it starts shaking. I continue to lay still hoping to go unnoticed, while my heart is about to jump out of my chest. Around the edges of my blanket mountain I can see little glimpses of light from his flashlight as he try’s to look in or movement while I held completely motionless. Then all of the sudden the van starts shaking and again BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM, he’s banging on the van again. So I start thinking back to when I was told to just talk to the cops and explain what I’m doing, and to remain calm and respectful, and I decide to give that a try instead of having to deal with fighting a ticket. So I scoot out of bed in my underwear and a T-shirt to answer the door, blinded by the flashlight he is shining through my window into my face. I opened the door and he asked me for my license and asked me if I was living in my vehicle to which I respond that I am, and as I am explaining my situation I look him over and notice that he is an out of shape older cop who probably couldn’t hold up to much action. Through conversation i found out it was his first night back on the night shift in a while, which put it all together and helped me to understand why he decided to mess with me, he was bored, and not fit for action. He threatens to take my weed and cite me, and then gets a call over the radio for a drunk driver, so he explains it is illegal to sleep in your vehicle in he city of Encinitas, throws my license on my seat and let’s me go with no punishment. This was pretty disappointing seeing as how this was my favorite spot to sleep with the sounds of the ocean, and now I’ll have to wait a while to go back.

Just wanted to share my first police interaction from the van. Till next time!


Back to the blog and Fools day adventure!

So here I am, almost a month from my last post to my blog with so many stories built up that I might have to just let them trickle through as I pick back up on writing here once again. My friends have been harassing me about not writing to which I have been replying “I just haven’t had time.” While this is mostly true, there are other factors involved, things such as me not wanting to write in my van at night in fear of someone seeing the light of my iPad coming through which could prompt an unwelcome interaction or police involvement. While I have found that I can block the light pretty well, it’s just not worth it to run the risk. So I have vowed to myself that I will write to the blog at least once a week from this day forward, but will do so during the day.

Now that I’ve got that explanation out of the way I am going to continue with today! Today is April fools day and also the birthday of two very special robots that I have known for a few years now. They are two peaceful creatures who only get upset when either of their electronic devices break, or when there is no oil to be found. These guys are a creation of my friend Tyler, and to celebrate their birthday today we dressed up in them and took them to an Apple Store to get a giant cardboard iPhone fixed. So Tyler made an appointment for Sparky to bring his device in, and Dr. Moo came along for moral support! The humans were kind to the robots today and we did not run in to any trouble, even mall security was ok with it for a change, which we decided is due to the new mall management cutting their pay and taking away their golf-carts.

While ordering food at Subway I looked behind me and saw a woman waiting to order. She was wearing a business lady suit type outfit and I could tell she was on a lunch break, so I offered to let her ahead of me. She told me she had plenty of time but appreciated the offer, we talked a little about work and breaks, and then I told her about the adventure with Sparky and Dr. Moo today, which she thought was great on many levels and sparked a conversation about how complacent and boring people are today, and how afraid they are of things they don’t understand. At the end of all of this she left saying “have fun making people’s days better!” This made me feel really good because I think she was having a bad day, and sometimes it just takes the kind words of a stranger to turn things around.

Dr. Moo(left), Sparky(right).

I’ve also turned 31, that happened on March 25th. I was given a few awesome gifts, and a lot of good company from some people I don’t get to hang out with as often as I’d like. My friend Russell and his girlfriend Julia gave me some really colorful tie-dye tapestries which have been great, and beautiful, privacy shades. The tapestries will most likely be hanging on the outside of my van at our camping spot for Coachella, should be easy to spot. Russell also gave me a guitar case to use with my acoustic, which I have been learning quite a bit on, as well as building up finger movement and strength. Brandi, the ex I reference, got me some gifts too, a small gnome shaped candle and a pair of thrift store boots that I haven’t received yet, as well as a hand made wooden flute. Dealing with her has still been very hard and extremely emotional for me, so recently I had to tell hero couldn’t talk to her for a while, most likely till after Coachella so my head can be clear of crap at the event. I still care about her greatly and have been sad to see her dropping all her interests and hobbies to get in to this lifestyle where she isn’t doing anything productive anymore because all she does now is spend time with her rebound boyfriend who doesn’t like to do anything, and since she reflects who she is with she is now doing nothing. She’s extremely talented and it’s going to waste, I just hope to see her wake up an get back into it, not even to get back with me, but just for herself. The last gift received was created by someone who day after day is becoming one of my favorite people, even with her living not so close… And by not close I mean almost 2000 miles away. Bethany from Minnesota wanted to make me something nice, and went off of what she knows about me to create an amazing art piece. It is a portrait that is half my face, and half the face of a wolf, which are my absolute favorite animal, my spirit animal(self proclaimed). This left me starting to plan a road trip to Minnesota, because I don’t want to wait for her to come to San Diego if I can help it!

Here are the tapestries.

The gnome from Brandi.

And this is the piece from Bethany.

Van life has been great up to current, and I have been sleeping in it every night since my last post, so about a month now! I am still dealing with keeping the inside organized and haven’t had the extra money to get drawers or anything to help with that with Coachella coming up. So after Coachella I will be focusing in making the van even more livable than it already is. I find myself sleeping by the coast most nights, but when I am at a friends house late, when its time to go, I just sleep outside their place in my place!

That’s it for this post, till next time!